American Idol Cry Baby

What is it with dudes crying at the drop of a bucket these days. This is too funny! Check out their faces…I couldn’t contain my laughter either. Simon was being nice about it too! Dude was wiping tears away before he started singing. Repost This Article [Read More]

‘Trojan Horses’ Target Apple Computers

Beware of downloading anything from torrent websites on the Internet for MACs. You might end up with a trojan horse virus that could become your worst nightmare. That’s not the one in the square packaging either. On the Internet: Some illegal Apple downloads found to contain Trojans CEA SmartBrief | 01/28/2009 Illegal versions of Apple’s iWork 09 productivity software [...] [Read More]

What really happened on the Hudson?

[singlepic=179,420,340,,] What really happened on the Hudson River? We can praise man but at the end of the day it is “God” who we should be praising! “God” really does have all the power in his hands. Repost This Article [Read More]

Katt Williams is a “Pimp”

[singlepic=178,420,340,,] I still like Katt Williams despite that phony beef he started with Steve Harvey. They are simply in their own comedian class. I had the chance to watch Katt Williams – It’s Pimpin‘ Pimpin‘ Chronicles. a couple of days ago. I laughed the entire time too! Dude is really funny but not to the point [...] [Read More]

Blackberry Freebies

[singlepic=177,320,240,,] You can listen to over 100 stations programmed by music experts or create your own custom stations right from your BlackBerry. Seven Free Must-Have BlackBerry Storm Apps RIM Execs on the Best BlackBerry Apps: Eight Downloads Five Free BlackBerry Must-Have Downloads BlackBerry Bible It’s official: White House says Obama to keep his BlackBerry. He’ll be able to communicate with ‘a [...] [Read More]

Denfensio for Spam Comments

[singlepic=176,420,340,,] There is a competitor to gain market-share against well known Askimet named Defensio, which has been acquired by Websense. Akismet is backed by Automattic, makers of the widely used WordPress content publishing platform. Both anti-spam systems allow free non-commercial and varying prices for commercial users. Akismet the advantage of being part of the WordPress distribution package [...] [Read More]

Free Software Applications for Download

I was downloading and installing a software program called VSO tonight. The website popped up a page called AVS4You and Software partners. There are all kinds of free software for download at these two websites. These are legal software downloads and they are not sponsored by torrent websites. I know some folks are not down [...] [Read More]

First Lady Michelle Waxed

[singlepic=175,420,340,,] First Lady Michelle Obama will be the third third First Lady to be immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds. You gotta love it! This is the most positive attention any African American women has ever received except for the first African American billionaire, “Oprah”. I see more covers of First Lady Obama on every magazine [...] [Read More]

Flickr Photo of the Day “South Park Martin”

South Park Martin, originally uploaded by midsize le pépère. We all feel this way sometime! Repost This Article [Read More]

A big ol’ fan Cry Baby over Giant football team.

This dude appears to be crying crocodile tears over his favorite football team, which is the Giants. Is it real or fake tears? We will never know unless the site received millions of hits and than they tell us why the guy is crying like someone just died. Sike…..only kidding, he really could be feeling [...] [Read More]

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